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Higgs Discovery - 2012-07-04

Event Description

On July 4th 2012, ATLAS and CMS presented their latest results in the search for the Higgs boson, during a formal seminar which took place in the main auditorium followed by a press conference which took place in the council chamber. Both events were broadcast live on several channels:

  • Webcast
    • CERN users: protected by CERN login; 2 videos for the camera and slides; CERN streaming infrastructure
    • HQ protected: dedicated to transmission in HEP institutes which organised local events; protected by IP; 2 videos for camera and slides; CERN streaming infrastructure
    • Public: free worldwide access: 1 mixed video (camera/slides with occasional PIP); 2 contracted CDNs (main: Limelight; Alternate: GroovyGecko)
    • Public mobile: dedicated to iOS devices; CERN streaming infrastructure
  • Satellite
    • live feed from Eurovision
    • VNRs (Video News Releases)
  • CERN conference rooms
  • CERN Onsite Information Screens
  • Videoconference
    • Point to point video link between the CERN main auditorium and Melbourne conference center for the opening of ICHEP 2012

Audience Statistics


Channel unique IPs Peak Concurrent Viewers Peak Bandwidth (Mb/s) Data Volume Served (GB)
public - Limelight 370,000 49,254 37,837 45,391
public - GroovyGecko 94,909 5,796    
CERN Users 4,747 3,100 5,000 5,057
HQ protected 150 150   323
Mobile devices 26,276 2,200   750


Time Number of TV stations Number of Shows Estimated Audience
In 24 hours 1,000 4,645 >1Bn (tbc by Press Office)
In 1 week 1,034 5,016 >1Bn (tbc by Press Office)

Worldwide Sister Institutes

Number of Institutes Estimated Audience
150 10,000

CERN Conference Rooms

Room Estimated Audience
Council Chamber 200
Filtration Plant 200
40-S2-A01 100
40-S2-B01 100
40-S2-C01 100
40-S2-D01  - (audio problems due to local equipment)
TH Auditorium 100
IT Auditorium 80
BE Auditorium Prevessin 115
KJ Auditorium 130


Location Number of Screens
Restaurant 1 4
Restaurant 2 2
Restaurant 3 2
Building 40 4
Reception 2 (without sound)


Location Audience
Melbourne conference center 700

Technical Architecture

Webcast Audience Demographics

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